Choice Virtual Guard Can Protect Your Business with Customized Video Surveillance Solutions

If you or your business houses valuable equipment or materials outside that are a common target for thieves, we can create a custom video surveillance system that’s just right for your needs.

Video analytics turns security cameras into powerful security devices by enabling them to detect unauthorized persons and vehicles on your property after hours, or any time. A video push notification will be instantly sent to your devices and to operators in our monitoring center, who then engage the intruder using 2way audio communication,the system will automatically turn on flashing lights and loud sirens and if all else fails will dispatch law enforcement as appropriate.

We offer a variety of camera types, ranging from Day/Night Bullet Cameras to High Resolution, 36x Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras that give you complete 360-degree coverage with the ability to zoom in to provide more detailed images, even in extreme low light conditions. Some solutions store video footage locally and are supported by a backup battery during temporary power loss.

​Camera solutions for every business application.

Preconfigured, tested and supported, hardware solutions that arrive ready to install.

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