Choice Virtual Guard Service is a family owned Michigan based company focused on providing real time live video monitoring to businesses and residents of Michigan at affordable prices.We provide proactive security solutions to our customers by using trained security personnel to monitor the cameras in ‘real’ time.  

When an event occurs, our security personnel has the ability to dispatch local law enforcement or immediately discourage the perpetrator through two way audio solutions. Over the years, the number of thefts, vandalism, and intrusions has increased dramatically and become more organized.  

Protecting your business or home from today’s threats is a priority that we can help you with.  Traditional guards can be expensive and typical alarm systems are reactive and usually do not prevent the crime from happening. 

Proactive and cost effective security through live video monitoring is the next wave of the future in protecting your assets and Choice Virtual Guard Service is your local provider for this solution.

We are able to provide live video monitoring at an extremely affordable prices by utilizing the latest technology and our globalized network to outsource the human cost component.  

Daytime at our monitoring station is night time in North America, which allows us to have alert agents monitoring your assets.

Choice Virtual Guard Service is locally owned and operated.