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Commercial Installation

For commercial buildings, we install weatherproof cameras at each point of entry and at locations that can monitor a building’s grounds and perimeters. Our security camera installation procedure focuses on parking garages and exterior parking lots as well. Inside your building, we install cameras in areas where people gather and the potential for security violations exists. The main lobby needs a camera that can provide visibility of the traffic by employees and visitors, and all points of service require coverage as well.

We install cameras along the main corridors of your building and place them in work areas such as cubicle clusters where groups of employees may work. The employee cafeteria or break room requires a camera installation as well to help provide overall security. Our teams ensure the compatibility of your surveillance system with your LAN network, and we welcome the involvement of your information technology staff in the smooth operation of a dynamic system of surveillance.

After-sales support and maintenance is an ongoing process for us, to ensure your security system operates at the optimum level.

Preventative Maintenance of security equipment gives you peace of mind and confidence that your systems are protecting company assets the way they were intended. Through equipment examinations and testing, we can identify weaknesses in the security system that need to be repaired and re-enforced.

Benefits Of Preventative Maintenance

  • Compliance with Standards - we ensure your systems are compliant with requirements for Intruder alarms, CCTV and is compliant with the Building Codes 
  • Insurance requirements - insurance companies require that security systems must be maintained on a regular basis
  • Minimise business disruptions - prevent system breakdowns by maintaining your equipment.
  • Maximise the working life of your system - repair faults before they become serious.
  • Peace of Mind - have confidence that your security investment is working the way it was intended.
  • Equipment performance tests - ensure your equipment is performing at its best.
  • Reduction of false alarms - with equipment regularly checked the likelihood of a malfunctioning detector is reduced.
  • Changing workplace - as renovations change the way the workplace operates then the security system must evolve to accommodate the changes.
  • Keep your records up to date - this will include zone lists, key holder lists for alarm calls, access control card lists, key audits.
  • Ease of budgeting - preventative maintenance is scheduled in advance so you can allocate budget.

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