1-(877) 230-1210 

1-(877) 230-1210 

When a guest is not registered and automatically authorized with the License Plate Recognition or Driver’s License Recognition, our licensed, virtual security guards will greet the guest and contact the resident he or she is going to visit. Choice Virtual Gate Guard will contact that resident to confirm that the guest is allowed in and then grant or deny access as necessary.

Two-way audio and one-way video facilitate the communication between a guest at the gated community and the Choice Virtual Gate Guard at our Central Station. Each guest is logged using video and audio verification.

Choice Virtual Gate Guard is compatible with communities that would like to keep a manned guard at the gate during certain hours. With our Guard Software with Support, communities can have a centralized visitor database, guard metrics reporting, and quick visitor search software for the onsite security guard.

A Choice Virtual Gate Guard option is available for communities with specific access requirements, like community development districts. This entry system requires guests to stop at the Kiosk for video capture of the driver, vehicle, and license plate information. While guests are not denied entry into the community, the association will have video and audio records in case of incidents at the entrance or in the community.

While guests are greeted and verified with a Virtual Gate Guard system, residents can have quick and easy access to the community through a designated resident lane with Access Control.  Envera uses radio-frequency identification (RFID) to grant access to residents entering in their registered vehicles.

In case of questionable or criminal activities, Choice Virtual Guard Service will notify community representatives so appropriate action can be taken. The audio and video of each transaction is stored and can be replayed, analyzed, and submitted to law enforcement or insurance representatives as needed.

Replace or enhance your traditional security guard or telephone entry call-box with Choice Virtual Gate Guard. These gate security systems consist of high-resolution digital cameras, video and audio recorders, and Choice Virtual Guards located at our Control Center.

Residents living in communities with Choice Virtual Gate Guard have access to our web portal and smart-device app. Choice Virtual Gate Guard is a resource for residents to update their guest list, household information, and more.