• Following EEOC guidance regarding temperature screening during the COVID-19 pandemic, Choice Virtual Guard Service recently installed an infrared thermal imaging camera system for non-contact body temperature measurement in Detroit. Hand-held/non-contact thermometers are also being used to re-take everyone’s temperature at approximately 4-hour intervals each day in both the Corona monitoring centers.
  • Our employees always have access to the Choice Virtual Guard Service Employee Assistance Program, but in times like these, EAP can be an exceptionally valuable resource. Support and guidance are available for assistance with family and personal issues online and by phone.
  • Another valuable resource, at the same time supporting distancing, is our access to MDLIVE, on-demand access to quality healthcare by phone or secure video


  • 100% ‘Touch-less’ individual bathrooms are rigorously cleaned hourly. Featuring Dyson touchless faucets, commodes and hand-dryers, the bathrooms are touch-free, while electronic doors and lights are entirely automatic.
  • Breakrooms, vending areas, coffee corners, lounges, and outdoor eating areas are also cleaned hourly and are inspected constantly
  • Thirty-two housekeeping and maintenance personnel clean our facilities twenty-four hours a day with hospital-grade cleaning products
  • Workstations in all departments, including Operations on all shifts, are cleaned and sanitized regularly throughout the day
  • All door handles and knobs are continuously cleaned throughout the day
  • Sanitary wipes and hand-sanitizer are always available throughout the facility
  • Our Variable Air Volume (VAV) heating and air-conditioning system incorporates HEPA filtration and ultraviolet light system to minimize the spread of bacteria, viruses, and allergens



A very high level of preparedness is built into our operational plans. Additional actions have been taken in accordance with the recommendations of the CDC and WHO.


  • We operate two full-load Monitoring Centers to ensure uninterrupted personal service
  • Should there be a sudden drop in personnel for any reason, Choice Virtual Guard Service's Voice Response system will be employed to address incoming notification and burglary signals, freeing available Specialists to handle critical events
  • Choice Virtual Guard's A.I. Video Analytics, the false-alarm reduction service just announced and already showing up to a 40% reduction in false alarms during beta testing, will be operational, further freeing available Specialists to handle critical events
  • Most Specialists make themselves available voluntarily for Storm and Crisis Teams called in to address rapidly changing conditions
  • If necessary, compulsory overtime will be declared
  • Significant numbers of Spanish-speaking Specialists are always available at each center.


  • We have suspended all business travel by our employees
  • All visits to Choice Virtual Guard Service facilities have been canceled; no visitors will be received
  • With the exception of Operations and Operational Support personnel, all employees are now working remotely
  • With the acceleration of our expansions in both Monitoring Centers, additional workstations have been added allowing greater individual distancing