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Our Mobile Site Sentinel has 2 110/220 mains unit and a Mains and Hydrogen Gas powered unit. Using Hydrogen as a source of clean, renewable, and accessible energy is quickly becoming universally acknowledged and recognized as a viable alternative to diesel. Offering a low-cost operation using Hydrogen Gas bottles that produce up to 2 weeks of operation off-grid makes this product not only a true alternative but also an environmentally challenging solution in a variety of applications. Hydrogen Gas bottles allow for a  safer and easier fuel replenishment method by only requiring one person to replenish Hydrogen gas bottles and no tools being used, compared to diesel or gas run generator units. The eco-design of the trailer means it is virtually silent in operation, dramatically reducing the impact on the environment and built-up areas where local residents may be affected. Providing efficient energy with 0% emissions from point of delivery makes the ECO Mobile Site Sentinel  one of the most eco-friendly surveillance solutions in the market today.

Our Eco Mobile Site Sentinel is designed to be deployed quickly and easily to remote locations as the complete unit weighs under 2000lbs and thereby not requiring any towing licensed personnel to transport the unit. This also offers great benefits to the site owner, if they required to move the unit around the site at urgent notice. Offering a separate customer control monitoring service (optional), with secure remote monitoring being accessible from your own handset with the free smartphone app or monitoring via a tablet/PC, this makes an unbeatable system that adds ease and flexibility to the end user’s needs.

Our units can be fitted with either a 360º Degree High Definition Pan Tilt Zoom camera 2  HD MegaPixel cameras and a 360 fish eye or, with four fixed HD MegaPixel cameras. Fitted onto the mast that can reach up to 15ft in height. The  Mobile Site Sentinel offers the client the assurance of 24/7 commercial monitoring for out of hours security monitoring, with intelligent video analytics giving early detection to site intrusions. PIR detectors are able to be added, giving site owners the benefit to extend their detection zones within 300 feet of the ECO Mobile Site Sentinel. With 3G/4G Dual SIM communications Router will transmit the camera video transmission from the site to Choice Virtual Guard Service's Control Center where intrusions are monitored and acted upon and transacted.

A great technology solution needs reliable, autonomous power to work.

Choice Virtual Guard Service provides off-grid, clean energy using direct methanol fuel cell technology. We are distributors of the SFC EFOY fuel cells in Michigan.
Conventional power sources are often unreliable or offer only short periods of supply. Solar-powered systems cannot guarantee a reliable power supply, batteries have very limited autonomy and generators produce harmful emissions. EFOY Pro fuel cells are the perfect power generator, meeting all requirements for stationary and mobile applications – be it continuous or backup power across multiple industries such as security, IoT, Telecom, etc.
This off-grid power can be provided to your exact requirements and is available for rent on a monthly basis.