The CVG Mobile Site Sentinel CVG600 is perfect for Construction Contractors and Builders who need an easy and efficient way to protect their job site. It Eliminates Theft, Save Time and Money, and Protects your Construction Site!

Builders and contractors have saved thousands of dollars owning our mobile solutions, not only in preventing the costs of theft and vandalism but also when compared to the cost of renting security guards. There won’t be a need to fly or drive to the job site because you’ll be able to view and control our cameras off-site.

Customize it any way you want with whatever camera system you prefer. It comes ready with our (PTZ) Pan, Tilt, Zoom Camera, and 3 4K Active Detterence bullet cameras to give you a clear 360 view of your work site. Loud 2way audio lets you communicate with the site with our (VOIP) speaker.

You can monitor work sites or site entrances 24 hours a day via a wireless internet connection, and our trailers run off of a 24 volt DC power supply with a solar panel backup. And when the job is done easily move the Mobile Site Sentinel to the next one.

Cameras are elevated to 16 – 25 feet in the air, an automatic deterrent to thieves and vandals. A 24-hour backup security system notifies you if someone attempts to tamper with your Mobile Site Sentinel Trailer. As an additional precaution, video is automatically backed up off-site.

You’ll be able to monitor your job site from a secure website and be able to take any frame of recording and get a still pic out of it. It will also email you photos of events! Our Mobile Site Sentinel is an affordable and effective way to deter theft or vandalism at your location where power is not readily available.

Our professional technicians will install your Solar Powered Surveillance System, allowing you to remotely monitor your locations for unauthorized individuals, oversee work sites, or keep an eye on equipment and materials.

Our Mobile Site Sentinel is engineered for use on paved or unpaved roads. We use components that are durable and dependable, to ensure reliability and longevity. The unit is equipped with an automatic low-voltage shutdown feature to protect batteries and other sensitive electronics.


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