A fully modular unit that is customizable and adaptable to meet even the most unique requirements, The Site Sentinel can be mounted anywhere and be live to monitoring within minutes. Each Unit can be equipped with both stationary and PTZ cameras for exceptional view coverage, strobe light and sirens for active deterrence, and a two-way (VOIP) speaker for live communication.

Built-in LED Strobe light notifies the public that our monitoring center has been notified and that they are being watched. it also makes it easier for local authorities to identify the specific location on a site that is being trespassed.

Pre-Built units allow for fast installations and fixed camera positions without having to attach cameras or wires to your existing infrastructure. This allows our installations to be completed in under 30 minutes per unit without the need for a bucket truck.

Built-in Climate control allowing for temperatures as low as -48 degrees Celsius and as high as 58 degrees Celsius. no matter the weather be it torrential rains or blinding snowstorms our units are ready.

Built-in PPOE adapter allows for an almost limitless amount of peripherals such as additional cameras or outdoor monitors to be added to the Site Sentinel in just a few minutes. This allows us to tailor our units to your needs without having to commit to lengthy and often costly installations.

Built-in siren allows staff to deter theft before it occurs by letting trespassers and pedestrians know that they are trespassing and being monitored.