1-(877) 230-1210 

1-(877) 230-1210 

The monitoring of the vending machine is as important as restocking and servicing it, if you are not monitoring the vending machine that you have installed then you are at a great risk. You never know when someone breaks into the machine.

To prevent your vending machine business from downfall, you need to have a Choice Virtual Guard. We watch over a verity of properties from MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR Homes all the way to ATM machines. But did you know that we also monitor VENDING MACHINES?

Crimes of opportunity can cost more then just a couple bucks from the unit the MACHINES are high tech and could cost THOUSANDS.

Criminals will strike these units in Hotels during the afternoon hours.

Hospitals were early evening (8 p.m., when visiting hours were just about over).

Colleges were sometimes open till midnight, but before 10 p.m. seems to be the best time. Colleges and hospitals were also pretty clear at 6 to 7 a.m.

FROM JUST $50 A MONTH you can have one of our CHOICE VIRTUAL GUARD'S

 monitoring your investment.