Choice Virtual Guard 's wireless video verification alarm system is ideal for Construction sites, Vacant properties and other remote locations without access to services such as mains power and internet connection. Given the alarms wireless and battery-operated capabilities it can be installed anywhere within a matter of hours and due to the portability of the system, it can be adjusted and relocated as a site evolves with ease. The PIRs have integrated cameras that generate notifications to your phone whenever activity is detected. The alarms are then sent through to your cell phone and to our Control Center for verification within seconds. In the event of a genuine security breach, an approved responder will be dispatched to the site. The system has up to a 4-year battery life expectancy based on average conditions and all systems are fully maintained by Choice Virtual Guard Service, giving you a cost-effective and hassle-free security solution. 

100% Battery Powered Wireless System Starts at $2500 If your primary interest is stopping theft or vandalism before it happens, consider a V200 Outdoor LTE Security Camera No Wi-Fi? No Power? No Problem, we’ve got you covered.. 100% wireless and battery-powered, no wiring, no internet, no AC power required. Learn more, get a VOSKER Security Camera quote today.